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Stake Casino No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is not among the bonuses that are active at the casino at the moment. This means there is neither Casino Stake no deposit sign up bonus nor a bonus for registered customers. Although if you are included in the VIP program you can easily request a no deposit bonus.

If you have Stake Casino promo codes for spins or cash, check their conditions as they are likely to have wagering requirements unless you are a VIP.

Special Promotions

There is a never-ending promotion page. We are going to look at just a few of them that are related to the casino. Besides casino promos, there are bonuses for sports. As a rule, Stake Casino bonus codes are not asked to participate in the promo.

Some promos may offer you an extra money bonus if you verify your account. For example, at least 3 offers include a 150% prize multiplier if your account is verified.

Million-Dollar Race

In July, 5000 people will win a million-dollar. To participate in this competition, you just need to gamble at the Stake Casino AU. You can play in the casino or sports and fight for the chance to win a share of impressive money prizes. The prize is paid to winners’ accounts automatically when the event finishes. To win your share you have to be among 5000 players who will have wagered the most. The first place holds $250,000 share, second $120,000, third $80,000. The lowest gift is $10 and it is received by those who are ranked from 4001-5000.

50th  Billionth Bet Celebration

The casino wants to celebrate the 50th billionth bet that is about to happen. There are three promos prepared for this occasion.

The sum of the first prize depends on the outcome of the special bet. If a 50th billionth bet wins, the drop of $50,000 is going to be organized. If it is a bet that is lost, 25,000 dollars are going to be dropped. The casino promises to release the conditions shortly after. They will be easy enough to follow so as many players as possible could receive a pleasant prize.

The second bonus is for a person who places the celebrational bet. The Stake Casino Aussie will assign $100 for a 50th billionth bet and $50 for 10 bets before and 10 bets after it. But the bonuses for the lucky bettor are not finished. He will receive Bonus Buy. You will be able to see Eddie’s Mega Race stream of the delivery. A winner will choose a game of their interest and let Eddie spent $1000 on it. The profit from the bet will be added to the winner’s account. If after bonus buy, the budget is $2000, a winner receives a $1000 profit.

Weekly $50,000 Giveaway

A participation ticket is received upon a $1,000 wagered. The ticket’s number is seen in your profile, under the VIP section. The number of tickets per one player is not limited. The random number generator is used in the live stream to determine the people who get the prizes. The money won will be converted to Bitcoins and deposited into your account. Every Saturday at 2 p.m. GMT the results are announced.

Stake Casino bonus code is not required for participation.